St. Athanasius Ordains this Monk Pseleusias a Bishop of Philae


Now the blessed Isaiah was a good and benevolent man, and greatly loved ... now when he had completed his life, he went to his rest. 

When the people heard, they came forth, and they watched his noble corpse, and they all mourned for him, saying, ‘He was an exceedingly good man.’ And when they had prepared his body for burial in a manner befitting his rank, they buried him by the side of his holy and blessed fellow ministers, that is to say, Abba Macedonius and Abba Mark, and each went to his own abode.


And the people of the city passed a certain number of days without a bishop. Now there lived on the island a certain monk whose name was Pseleusias, and every one who knew him bore witness to his good deeds ; and our father Abba Aaron made him a monk when he was bishop. And God put it into the heart of the people to seek him out, and the clergy and the people came out to the island, and they entreated him to shepherd the people of God. But Pseleusias refused, and said, ‘I am not worthy of such a thing, for who am I? For I am a foolish man, and I know not which is my right hand and which is my left.’ And after they had passed a considerable time in entreating him, and although he refused to be persuaded by them, they seized him by force, and lifted him up and carried him into the city. And they wrote out the list of the votes which had been cast for him, and they sent with him certain God-loving brethren whom they admonished to keep a good watch over him until they had brought him to Rakote (Alexandria) and he had been consecrated.

And when they had arrived at the quay of Skhissa they embarked in a small boat, and sailed therein until they entered the city. And when they came to the gateway they found a certain brother, and they besought him to tell them the place where the archbishop was. And the archbishop himself was sitting inside the gateway, and was conversing with two bishops, the one from Athribis, and the other from .... And they told the holy archbishop that they have selected Abba Pseleusias as their bishop. But Abba Pseleusias told the archbishop, ‘I am not worthy of such a thing’. And the archbishop said unto him in a voice which was full of joy, ‘ My dear monk, thou hast lived day by day without cares or concerns. Today thou shalt take upon thyself responsibility which is like unto our own’.

And when the archbishop had said these words he rose up and took him into the church. And he made them prepare the Offering and the altar, and he prayed over him, and appointed him to be a reader ; then he made him a deacon, then he made him a presbyter, and then he likewise consecrated him bishop. And he dismissed us, saying, ‘Depart in peace.’

And we came forth from his presence having- forgotten the deed of appointment to the bishopric ; and we went back to him, and we asked him about it. And he commanded his deacon to bring it, and he drafted it with his own hand.

Histories of the monks of upper Egypt
Translated by Tim Vivian P 110-112